Step by Step to Your New Swimming Pool

Pool Construction Process

Purchasing your new swimming pool may seem an extremely daunting task at first glance. However, thanks to Aquaform Pools’ wide industry experience, expertise and local knowledge, it won’t be a complicated or stressful experience.

This may well be your first pool building venture but we’ve been down this route many hundreds of times. Allow us to carry most of the load on your behalf.

First Contact

Start by giving us a call for an initial “no obligation” phone consultation. Tell us about your initial ideas and ask any questions. In turn we’ll probably need to ask you a few simple questions to quickly establish what sort of pool project  will probably meet your needs. Click here for our contact details.

Ballpark Estimate

Based on what you’ve told us we can usually give you a ballpark price range for the type of pool you have in mind. This allows you to know whether your previous expectations have been realistic or whether you need to reconsider the scope of your project.

Pool Finance Arrangements

If you have not already done so, our rough estimate will now allow you to talk to your bank or other finance provider to make sure they will provide whatever facility your need. Click here for useful info on this topic.

Getting More Serious

At your invitation Aquaform will come to your home to eyeball your site, offer advice, answer your more detailed questions and collect additional information for quotation purposes.

Quotation and Acceptance

Our quotation will presented in the form approved by the Housing Industry Association (HIA). It will be quite straight forward and easy to understand. It will include everything you need to know and there will be no hidden extras. Remember, a huge amount of our new business results from existing client referrals. There is no way we would want to jeopardise that happy state of affairs.

After you have considered our quotation and clarified any issues you will be invited to enter into an agreement for us to undertake your project.

Deposit and Progress Payments

  • $3,000 payable upon acceptance of Aquaform’s quotation.
  • Payment of 25% when excavation complete and steel on site.
  • Payment of 40% when the concrete shell has been completed.
  • Pay 25% when interior lining is complete and filtration is on site.
  • Pay remaining balance at time of pool handover.

Specifications and Council Approval

Aquaform Pools will prepare all the documentation for your signature, then we will usually lodge it at the Council on your behalf. This is where our many years of experience comes to the fore. We know and understand the outlook of different Councils from years of past contacts. We are thus able to anticipate any issues and address them in the first instance rather than wait and react to an adverse finding which may cause stress and loss of valuable time.

How the Work Proceeds

  • Site preparation, excavation and retaining walls if required.
  • Form work and placement of reinforcement bars and mesh.
  • Call in Council Inspector to approve work to date.
  • Stage One of plumbing and electrical services.
  • Pour and spay concrete to form main shell of pool.
  • Concrete finishing, pebbling, tiling and paving.
  • Form up and pour concrete surrounds or paths.
  • Stage Two of plumbing works.
  • Stage Two of electrical works.
  • Complete landscaping and planting if part of project.
  • Install security gate and fencing if necessary.
  • Call in Council Inspector to approve finished work.
  • Fill pool with water, test plumbing and filtration equipment.
  • Establish initial chemical balance.
  • Provide advice to client regarding ongoing maintenance.