Happy Clients Are Our Best Advertisement

Ballina Swimming Pools

Nowadays well over 30% of our new clients are friends of old clients. These referrals are very important to our sense of satisfaction and vitally crucial to our business success.

We’ve now constructed over 1000 pools for North Coast clients and that means we’ve developed lots of friends and supporters. Some typical comments appear below.

We really wanted a pool but I was frankly dreading facing up to the whole process. You made it all so easy in the end however so I need not have worried. Sincere thanks for a job well done.

We probably would have made heaps of mistakes but for your continuous advice and guidance. Our friends said you really knew your stuff. It was proven time and again as our job progressed.

Carol and I were quite impressed with the smooth way you took care of our job and supervised things every step of the way. You’ll also be pleased to learn that the various tradesmen working on our project had lots of respect for you and your firm as well.

Garry, this wasn’t the first time my wife and I had purchased a swimming pool but the difference was amazing. I never had to chase you up once and you never failed to appear for any appointment. You are a true professional in every sense.

I’m truly happy with the way things all worked out and it would be a pleasure to give Aquaform Pools and yourself a wrap if you ever want to refer a prospective client to us for an opinion.

Well I guess we can’t hold you responsible for the weather and even so, I was amazed that you finished our job almost on time in spite of all the unexpected problems you faced as a result.

Candidly, I was psyching myself up to deal with some unwelcome surprises on final handover day. I was so relieved to discover that my “off the cuff” extras along the way cost far less than I was dreading. I’d recommend you to anyone. Many thanks indeed.

We’ve had three pools built for us over the years and the last two jobs were constructed by Aquaform Pools in Ballina. If we ever build a fourth we’ll go with Garry Buckley’s company again.